-About The Daily Blonde-

The Daily Blonde blog, is here to help you find contentment in the every day. You’ll find weekly posts that encourage you to live a happy and fruitful life. Whether you want to be more productive, start eating healthier and feel good about your body, or start a capsule wardrobe, I’m here to help make life a little less complicated.


-A Little About Me-

Hello, new friend! I’m Alice, and I’m probably the most awkward person you’ll ever meet. I’m a full time college student at EWU , clarinet player at a local symphonic orchestra and on the side I write in this blog. Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal.You’ll most likely find me sipping on hot tea, traveling new places, hanging out with my cats, and laughing at anything and everything. I am a believer that everyone has a purpose in life,that everything happens for a reason, and karma. I always like to find the positive in everything & everyone, and maybe that’s why people describe me as down-to-earth and kind.