Leavenworth: a Little Piece of Germany in America

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On my way to Seattle my friends and I stumbled across a little German town located west of Wenatchee. Leavenworth is famous for its bakery among other things, so the first thing we did when we got there was get some pastries and pretzel bread! The pastries were amazing, and fresh out of the oven, the pretzel bread came in little loaves in a big bag which we got for a good price and snacked on them for our entire weekend adventure. After my friends and I filled up we explored the town. Everytime I go to Leavenworth I fall in love with the beautiful mountains all over again.


The people are always so welcoming and kind. Each building is styled into an authentic Bavarian style, including the gas stations and even the McDonalds.


There is a horse drawn tour carriage, which is a bit pricey but is worth the experience, and little shops and restaurants in every corner.


In the spring they have flowers blooming everywhere, and also an amazing view of TumWater mountain.




We walked down the hill to where the Wenatchee River flows through. The nature in Leavenworth was so beautiful, and sometime I would gladly go camping there.


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